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Find Out What LUX Health Network Can Do for You

Q: How much does it cost to be part of Lux Health Network?

A: We charge an annual fee comparable to other concierge medicine programs in order to provide our clients with personalized and superior access to our team of physicians. Unlike other concierge programs, we offer superior access to a coordinated team of the best doctors and specialists. The fee enables our doctors to ensure that they are available to our clients on their schedule. Every client’s needs are different and we structure a program tailored to each individual. Please contact us today to create a program made especially for you.

Q: How does Lux Health Network work with insurance?

A: Our program should be utilized in coordination with any health insurance you carry. Our program is not an insurance plan and we require that our clients carry health insurance.

Q: How does Lux Health Network choose participating doctors?

A: Our goal is to create a network of the best primary and specialty care physicians in the Los Angeles area, and in order to do so we created the LUX Health Network Physician Advisory Board (PAB). This board of physicians is responsible for setting the standards, admission criteria, and ongoing requirements for participating physicians. All participating doctors have been thoroughly reviewed by the PAB. Our physicians are leaders in their field who specialize in treating a wide variety of medical conditions. No matter what you need, our primary and specialty care doctors are available to provide you with the best healthcare possible.

Q: What can I expect from office visits?

A: Because our doctors are focused on a smaller number of clients, office visits are maximized in order to get the most out of the appointment. Clients in LUX Health Network enjoy virtually no waiting time and visits with their doctor that are not rushed. During appointments, LUX doctors are able to dedicate more quality time to their clients where they can deliver personalized and focused care.

Q: What kind of access will I have to my doctors?

A: Clients in LUX Health Network have direct access to their doctors. Same-day or next-day appointments are available to accommodate the needs and schedules of our clients. LUX Health Network doctors are also available to clients around-the-clock through phone and email. In addition, depending on the client’s program, home or office visits are also available.

Specialized & Exceptional Client Care