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Concierge Medicine Today

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Concierge Medicine Today

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“LUX appealed to me because I am an on-the-go entrepreneur with limited time. Since becoming a LUX client it has exceeded my expectations. Dr. Fuchs (my LUX primary care physician) has taken extremely good care of me and is super attentive and always available, but what has really highlighted LUX’s value to me is what happens behind the scenes. When I fell (I shouldn’t text and walk) and hurt my wrist, I called Dr. Fuchs and LUX and they got me into Dr. Knight (a fantastic orthopedic surgeon, who specializes in hands) the next morning. Because I travel to New York for business all my visits with Dr. Knight needed to be on Monday (and I prefer the AM), LUX took care of all of that for me, the literally just told me when to show up (all the annoying paperwork was filled in already too!).

The peace of mind that I have received with LUX has been a lifesaver. Knowing that I can just pick up my phone and call Dr. Fuchs when there is an issue, knowing that I can get into the top specialists in Beverly Hills whenever I need, and knowing that LUX is doing all the coordination  has been amazing for me. I would recommend LUX to anyone who values their time and their health.”

– Joel Bess, Optimal Fusion, Inc.